Free Fwrite Friday – my entry

In response to the gracious prompting of Kellie with her weekly request:

I wanted to try to submit yet another Friday ramble…

So it is Friday the thirteenth again
Always makes us a little nervous when
The superstitious feelings start to rise
Even for we that are older and wise.

There is nothing to be afraid of we know
And yet there is cautious anticipation to show
Whether it is just something wasted on youth
Or at times even those of us long-in-the-tooth.

I’m not fearful, there is no ghoul to be found
It is just another day on each calendar around
You can’t scare me with the thoughts of doom
Just look around at the safety in this room.

I see the kids all jittery at each noise
Yet here I sit laughing and keeping my poise
There are many things I have learned in my years
So I laugh as they cower to the point of tears.

There is much to be said for the wisdom of age
As I said this date is just another number on the page
Nothing special to fear for the passing of days
I’ve seen so many of these days pass in the haze.

OH CRAP, there’s a noise, I wonder what was that
Could it just be the trash and the neighbor’s cat
You wonder why I didn’t scare like your friends
I’m not going to tell you the reason I’m thankful – Depends.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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6 Responses to Free Fwrite Friday – my entry

  1. nikky44 says:

    made me smile! I like it!!

  2. Phyllis Sears says:


  3. kellieelmore says:

    As always, truly entertaining! I am never disappointed! Perfectly thrilling for FWFs prompt! =) I am so superstitious, it’s pretty embarrassing what a scaredy cat I am lol! I loved this! Reminded me of myself.

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