FWF – Finish The Story

Wanted to contribute to the Free Write Friday and exercise the mind…


There we no real reason for me to enter the tree
Of course there was curiosity to drive my desire
What fool listens to a strange voice in the forest
Only one that runs like his pants are on fire.

As I enter I sense that all is not well
There is a must to the air that shouldn’t be
Light from the candles seems eerie at best
But there is just enough so that it lets me see.

All sorts of strange potions and plants
Shelves of strange shapes that seem to move
A faded mirror sits in the corner all dusty
He closes the door, the lock slides in the groove.

With a start I bolt upright in the bed
Searching the room I see it was just a dream
Slowly I recognize the soft chuckle as my own
I’m glad that no one heard as I woke with a scream.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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7 Responses to FWF – Finish The Story

  1. Nice. I was so in your world that I chuckled at the end too, on realising it was all a dream

  2. kellieelmore says:

    Gray, this is awesome! You literally made me giggle out loud and I LOVE when that happens! Wonderful addition to FWF this week! Very happy to have you join us again! Keep writing, you are amazing!

    • graypoet says:

      Thank you my dear…. Not much of a story teller as a rule, well other than my own shortfalls, but I can usually make some words rhyme enough to muddle through. Thanks for the weekly inspiration. If I can make someone smile, laugh or even hit an emotional chord, I feel I have done what I intended….. along with letting something out of this old brain to make a new thought.

      • kellieelmore says:

        Well, you just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s fantastic. You’re rhyme is such a delight to read and I envy that as I cannot do it myself. Might as well be trying to rhyme with “orange” lol I look forward to having you back again! xox

  3. A wonderful poem. Rolls and rhymes wonderfully, and ends with a well timed scream.

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