Table For One

How do you measure the benefits of being alone
You can break down the day and try to keep track
There are many ways to contemplate the pluses
So let me name a few of them just for the heck.

When you start the day, no line at the bathroom
If you don’t make coffee no one will complain
The closet gives you choices of only your clothes
Does it matter if you wear that outfit again.

Out to eat, seldom a wait for seating of one
Don’t worry about someone sampling your plate
Elbows on the table or using your fingers
That is ok, not like you are sitting with a date.

There will be no one to finish your sentences
Sleep on whichever side of the bed you desired
Sad, you won’t have to worry about hiding a tear
It means another’s permission isn’t required.

So being alone is only a matter of the heart
You have to decide where you want it to be
There is some merit in getting a table for one
But I could also list what being alone means to me.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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4 Responses to Table For One

  1. kcwritermom says:

    There are days I wish I could be alone, but most I am thankful for the chaos of a rather full house!

  2. Mira Jay says:

    Loved the way you’ve seen a bright side in a pure darkness

  3. Phyllis Sears says:

    Think you just did to a point; but then on the other side of the coin there can be worse fates than being alone. We’ll have to talk abou those. LOL

  4. Phyllis Sears says:


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