A Letter To Myself

Well, you’ve put another notch on the gun of time
And what do you have to show for yourself so far
There have been quite a number of changes in your life
So let’s review the past and see who you are.

Oh the school years that you didn’t realize were so much fun
The sports and the parties, how you see with a backward look
Breezing through those years without a care in the world
Making the grades, irritating others for you never cracked a book.

You didn’t want to go right back to school again as of yet
Not content with the scholarship, you wanted to jump into life
So you enlist in the Marine Corps, no heed to the conflict at hand
As if that weren’t enough you decide to start a family and take a wife.

There were the hard years of full-time work and going to college
Never one to complain you put in the hours and hold the course
You earn a degree and off to work for the years that are to come
You never imagined the pain of loosing so many loved ones could be worse.

Now the children are grown, giving you grands and even great
What will the next stages of life bring as you continue to struggle
You try not to dwell on the loneliness of life as you live out each day
But you kindle the thought that with someone you’d still love to snuggle.

You give the advice to any that want to listen to your ramblings
Live your life looking ahead not dwelling on the things left behind
Looking back might show us who we were to make us who we now are
But marching ahead, living each day as it comes, is what will make us kind.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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