Mortality Causes Reflection

As I lay in bed contemplating my life
Thinking of the things I would leave behind
If something were to happen and I was no longer here
Who would notice, what would change, who would mind.

When life gives us a reason to feel our mortality
There can be so many reasons why we feel so incomplete
Even if we’ve lived what some consider a full life
I don’t believe any would say they are ready the maker to meet.

Maybe it is only a scare with our health that happens
Giving us a moment to collect all our thought
The smiles and memories that we feel we’ve given others
Maybe even the pain and frustration that we have wrought.

I’ve given of myself in so many ways to those around me
No regrets do I have except that at times I may have done more
I resign myself to the thought that my legacy is what will tell
As when I am gone it is only what people remember that will endure.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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One Response to Mortality Causes Reflection

  1. Phyllis Sears says:

    Very deep and certainly heartfelt; reflects my feelings and thoughts sometimes, too. You are just the best poet I know. You make me think.

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