Your Eyes

There is a depth behind your eyes
That keeps me wanting to go deeper
To peer into the workings of your mind
Maybe I’ll understand your thoughts clearer.

Oh so often I’ve wished that I had a map
As I get lost in the warmth that I feel inside
Never did I believe that one could capture me
With the mystery, yet the love, that those eyelids hide.

So many things flow through my ramblings
As I trace the path that my feelings do take
How many hours have I spend searching my heart
Dreaming of the life that together we could make.

So for now while I sit here pondering my fate
Eyes closed yet I see yours as clearly as day
I wonder what you are thinking as your image floats by
So much to feel and yet, without you, nothing left to say.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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