Nights Alone

The sun shines through the window and I start again
That walk to journey as if nothing is out of place
But I start the car and mechanically follow the path
That again takes me along the paths down which we race.

Short nights seem to be the order of the day
Sleep just eludes me so much of the time
It isn’t always easy to explain to someone else
How the emptiness of a bed can leave you so sublime.

When you have that comfort for so long in your life
And for whatever reason there might be it is taken away
Maybe you rejoice for a while if you thought it a blessing
But it doesn’t take long until the emptiness makes your mind stray.

So you learn to dread the long lonely nights alone
Yes there could be any number of distractions to find
But if they aren’t what you see as permanent in your life
There is nothing to do but try to keep from always looking behind.

For those that have yet to encounter that of which I speak
Keep firm hold on that special person that shares your life
For it can be so transient at times and without even a warning
You can be left look around and wondering who gave you this strife.

For now I accept that my life is without that special one to have
I thought that it would be easy to find another so special to hold
Maybe I was naive or I expected too much for the values that I carry
And yet I hold out the hope that I’ll find that one before I’m too old.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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2 Responses to Nights Alone

  1. Beautiful Charles!You are one talented man,and i’m so glad i met you.big hugs my dear.

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