There are always people who cross our path
It is just as life was intended to be
We never know the imprints they will leave
But some are permanent that is so plain to see.

The impression we leave as they come into our life
Will influence whether the paths cross or converge
It may be that each of us just pass right on by
But for some it will mean that our lives simply merge.

It might be that they are just a special friend
Someone that we can check on from time to time
They will write and respond and maybe even a call
A friendship that is something we both seem to mime.

A special kinship might develop from this path
One that both know will be hard to replace
No matter what comes up and the challenges we have
It is as if everything we do, we do at the same pace.

Those are the friendships that build into love
Don’t let it be something that you let fall aside
For they are too rare and too precious to let go astray
Grab hold, grasp firm, don’t let them run or hide.

But no matter what the feeling that is left to develop
It take both to maintain whatever it is you feel
When you let someone else take the place you once had
Then so many times what you have will no longer be real.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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One Response to Friendships

  1. Michael J Sito says:

    I was recently surffing through web sites for friendship poems, and come across yours, just love them and they say what i feel about my closest friend. Thank You 1

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